Landlord Plumbing & Heating Services

If you let a property to tenants then it is the law that you must ensure the gas supply and gas appliances meet a required standard and are covered by a gas safety certificate. We work with property management companies as well as private landlords to ensure they are meeting their duties to the tenants they let to.

Gas Safe Certificates – After checking the incoming gas supply to a property, we follow all of the connected appliances on the line to ensure they are free from leaks and are regulating the flow of gas for use safely. Once each item has been inspected, we can then fill out a safety report and issue a gas safety certificate. Gas safety certificates must be renewed.

Appliance Servicing – Appliances such as cookers, hobs, boilers, heaters, and water heaters should all be serviced from time to time depending on how much use they get. We can keep a track of the appliances in your property and ensure they are regularly serviced to keep them working in full order and avoid any failures.

Call-Outs – From time to time you might have a tenant report a fault with one of the appliances or heating systems in your property, we can attend calls to your property and use our diagnostic tools to find the heart of the problem before attempting to repair. All with minimal fuss to your tenant.

General Repairs – When on a job we will conscientiously keep an eye out for general repairs and maintenance that effects your heating, plumbing and appliances to ensure they are all kept in the best possible state to function.

Tailored Services For Landlords & Property Managers

No Fuss Call Outs

When a tenant residing in a property reports a problem we understand they just need it fixed asap with the minimum amount of fuss.

We accept calls directly from tenants for our property clients and report back on any costs, spare parts needed or replacement systems straight away before work is carried out.

All of this is handled swiftly and communicated with the tenant as well as the owners in order to get the job done fast.

Asset Management

Landlords and property managers often have a lot of different aspects of each property to manage. We create an asset list for each property we attend that covers all of their heating/water systems and any appliances. This then allows us to recommend a service schedule in order to correctly service and maintain an appliance and keep it working.

Don’t worry about keeping up to date with everything and let us do that for you!

PDF Emailed Gas Certificates

We use an app on our engineers smartphones to fill out all the information and detail required for a gas safety certificate and service maintenance records. We can then email these to both the landlord, agent and/or tenants.