gas safe engineer in wellingborough

Gas appliances within homes and businesses have the potential to be dangerous and must be treated with care. Our engineers are qualified to safely repair and service your gas appliances, as well as provide safety certificates and maintenance records.

Gas Safe Engineers in Wellingborough

Gas Appliance Repairs – Fixing issues with gas appliances is a delicate process with the potential to be dangerous. Our engineers are knowledgeable and qualified to work safely within your home or business. We will fix the issue as quickly as we can, meaning you can get back to normal with little disruption.


Gas Appliance Servicing and Maintenance Plans – Want to avoid costly breakdowns? Then it’s vital that the gas appliances in your home or business are serviced regularly and maintained properly. A service with one of our qualified engineers will spot any underlying problems or safety issues which we can then rectify whilst they’re still small. We can also set up a monthly plan to make regular servicing and maintenance easily affordable.


Gas Safety Certificates for Landlord and Business Owners – Gas Safety Certificates must be obtained at least once every 12 months by a registered Gas Safe Engineer. We provide Gas Safety Certification to various customers including landlords, commercial sites and educational facilities.


Maintenance Service Records – For every appliance we service or complete maintenance work on, we will provide a Gas Safe Register record showing our findings and works carried out. We can provide copies for both the user and landlord if needed.