Commercial Plumbing System

Commercial Services

Here at Alliance we don’t just look after your home heating/plumbing systems, we also carry out a range of services to commercial customers in business premises of varying sizes. We can work with voltages up to 1.8mega watts and can handle gas piping up to 150mm.

Office/Retail Premises Heating Systems – If you need an energy efficient, easy to operate and reliable heating system for your workplace then we can help supply, install and maintain a customised system for your business.

Plumbing Works – Business premises often have a long history and with it some questionable plumbing pipework that can fail from time to time, we can work to fix any plumbing issues in a fast turnaround time so that you have no interruption in business.

Service Works – Keeping systems serviced regularly helps to prevent un-expected breakdowns which in business can be costly. Get your premises heating, plumbing and gas systems checked and serviced regularly to prevent any issues from coming up.

Safety & Certifications – Looking after your workforce is important, that includes making sure the equipment around them is safe and in line with government required certifications. This includes your heating system. We can make safe and certify a wide range of systems.

Professional Experience

Certified To Work On Large Infrastructure

Working with voltages up to 1.8mega watts requires special training and qualifications to ensure safe working practices are followed and work is signed off for handling high voltages.

We also work with gas pipework up to 150mm in diameter which is pretty big! This allows us to handle a large range of jobs.

Safe Workplace Certifications

An employer has a responsibility to those that they employ to ensure that the workplace is a safe place to work. This can include checking for things like gas leaks and carbon monoxide.

We can inspect and service your heating and gas systems in the workplace and give a safety certificate to confirm they are all up to scratch operationally and safe to be worked around.