Engineer carrying out a boiler service.

Boiler & Heating Service

Boiler services starting from £75+vat…

We offer a comprehensive routine boiler service all year round. If you’re moving in to a property with a boiler installed you’re not sure about or just being safe and getting your system checked before winter comes it can pay to get your boiler serviced and system integrity tested.

Our service includes:

  • Operational checks of your boiler / heating.
  • Full flue gas analysis, checking your boiler is burning correctly and efficiently.
  • Strip down clean of your boiler includes cleaning and inspection of any flame probes and pilot assemblies.
  • Inspection of the condition of internal parts, seals, wiring, harness’, pump,  fan and any air vents and safety devices.
  • Inspection & cleaning of combustion chamber or burner bar/assembly.
  • Cleaning of any condense trap and system filters.
  • Inspection of any roof space header tanks and a complimentary addition of system inhibitor not usually included in a service by any of our competitors.
Gas services are important for the safety and efficiency of your gas appliance, prolonging the life of the appliance and keeping on top of maintenance or any issues before they may become a major problem. You can book an appointment for one of our engineers using the form below.

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